F. Schubert: Symphony No.5 In B-Flat D 485 (Study Score)

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Editorial: Bärenreiter
Compositor: Franz Schubert
Formato: Libros | Partitura de Estudio

The series of symphonies in the New Schubert Edition is a milestone of modern scholarly-critical editing, lending these works a transparency lacking in earlier editions of a more romantic bent.

The eight symphonies trace Schubert’s artistic evolution from the First Symphony, which develops a theme from Beethoven’s Eroica, to the Mozartean Fifth and the romanticism of the "Great" Eighth.

Full score, performance material and study score for all symphonies are available for sale.

  • Symphony No.1 in D major D 82 (BA5601, TP401)
  • Symphony No.2 in B-flat major D 125 (BA5602, TP402)
  • Symphony No.3 in D major D 200 (BA5603, TP403)
  • Symphony No.4 in C minor D 417 Tragic (BA5604, TP404)
  • Symphony No.5 in B-flat major D 485 (BA5645, TP405)
  • Symphony No.6 in C major D 589 (BA5646, TP406)
  • Symphony No.7 in B minor D 759 Unfinished (BA5647, TP407)
  • Symphony No.8 in C major D 944 The Great (BA5648, TP408)
ISBN: 9790006204458
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Publicado el: 31 enero 1997
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Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: TP405

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