Alan Bullard: Joining The Dots - Book 1

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Editorial: ABRSM Publishing
Compositor: Alan Bullard
Formato: Partituras | Álbum Instrumental
Joining the Dots offers pianists lots of material to help build confidence and skill in sight-reading. The series brings together a range of activities to help students improve their sense of keyboard geography, helping them to read new music more quickly and easily.

The five books cover the requirements for ABRSM's sight-reading tests at each of Grades 1 to 5, and include:

  • many short, characterful pieces to sight-read, in a range of approachable musical styles
  • warm-up and technical exercises, to establish basic hand shapes and finger patterns within each key
  • simple improvisation exercises in which students can explore musical ideas and familiarise themselves further with the 'feel' of each key
  • longer solo pieces and a duet, for additional sight-reading practice or to learn quickly and play through for fun

ISBN: 9781860969768
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Publicado el: 19 enero 2010
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        Luton GB private piano teacher
        Very well arranged book with excellent ideas to try with students. In my opinion, the best set of piano sight reading books out there.
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        Halesowen GB Private piano teacher
        The focus on key is excellent and the tunes are very appealing. A really excellent aid to sight reading.
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        Epsom GB No
        Clearly set out with plenty of material to help the student make progress. I have only just begun to use them so time will tell if they help my students in what is always challenging for them.
        Not so far.
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        Valoraciones de Musicroom

        A useful book for pupils to buy and try at home (saving some lesson time!) with perhaps a little help during lessons.
        Anónimo - ()
        Good book for very young beginners.
        Anónimo - (Leatherhead, United Kingdom)
        This is a great book for making sight-reading a little more fun and for introducing composition and understanding of keys etc. Highly recommended for beginners and also pupils who have been playing for a few years but find sight-reading tricky.
        Anónimo - (Perth, United Kingdom)
        A very good book. Just what my students need.
        Anónimo - (Weymouth, United Kingdom)
        A fun way to learn scales, sight-reading techniques and guided composition. Suitable for primary school pupils.
        Anónimo - (Wellingborough, United Kingdom)
        Exactly what we were looking for
        Anónimo - (Kent, United Kingdom)
        A very useful book which helps early stage pianists progress gradually in their sight-reading skills.
        Anónimo - (Guernsey, United Kingdom)
        excellent new book - find it very helpful
        Anónimo - ()
        Having used at different levels "Improve your sight reading" by Paul Harris for my older daughter, I was very interested to see a book under the ABRSM label to teach piano sight reading and thought it worth a try for my younger daughter, who is preparing for her grade 1 piano under ABRSM. I am not too impressed, the exercises seem to be rather basic, much too basic in parts. Maybe it is too early to fully judge the book, but my daughter lost interest very fast and we have decided to go back to the Paul Harris books.
        Anónimo - (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
        This is a brilliant selection of tuneful pieces to help improve sight-reading. The format works well as students find it more stimulating than the traditional sight-reading primers. The book is well laid out in different sections according to key signatures. The tunes are simple but cover a wide range of technical issues such as phrasing, legato, staccato touch and dynamics from the very first tune, so even the easiest pieces can be made challenging to play with the correct requirements.
        Anónimo - (East Dulwich, United Kingdom)
        I read about this "fresh approach" series in the ABRSM "Libretto" magazine. These books really live up to their description. I have 16 pupils the majority of whom need "encouragement" with their sight-reading. Most of them, although having played for a number of years, have agreed to start with Book 1 - to build up their confidence with the feeling "Sight reading is easy!" One pupil preparing for Grade 7 has started with the Gd 4 book - and I feel that most learners would need to go back a couple of grades from the music they are currently playing to get the most benefit. My pupils seem to find the books "fun" to use and the material is helping to discover blanks in their knowledge of keys, chords and rhythms. The creative (music making) exercises are great too. Well worth a look at for any pupil or teacher.
        Anónimo - (Churchdown, United Kingdom)
        Really like these new teaching aids. They are wonderful for building up Sight-reading techniques and key recognition and can be used in lessons or at home. A more fun way to approach sight-reading. Recommend.
        Anónimo - (New Barnet, United Kingdom)
        An excellent book for those beginning to learn the piano or learning to read music notation in general.
        Anónimo - (Nr. Barry, United Kingdom)

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