Music Games: Musical Pairs

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ISBN: 9781844496938
Publicado el: 13 octubre 2004
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: GAM1034

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      Roma, Italy GB Dad
      Classic memory game with a musical taste
      Too bad that the cards are made in paper and non in plastic. In the hands of children, will not have a long life...
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      Publicado en: 19 Enero 2016
      5 sobre 10


      London GB
      - Seems like a sturdy pack of cards.
      - Children from about ages 5 - 7 enjoy it.
      - Not enough simple notes for beginners
      - Too many sharps and flats
      - There is a big letter on each card telling you the note, so students don't bother reading the notation.
      - Limited educational value, possibly useful for non-musical parents to play with their kids, but too time consuming and not particularly useful in lessons.
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      Valoraciones de Musicroom

      Musical Pairs is just like the usual game of pairs but with musical notes and note values. I have used the game successfully in primary schools (KS2). There are a lot of cards though so you may want to take some pairs out before playing, according to the age and ability of the children. Good value for money!
      Anónimo - (Whitby, United Kingdom)
      My son loves this game..can be played as snap too. Only downside is the note names are placed on the cards too (makes the game easier)
      Anónimo - (Cheadle, United Kingdom)
      I used this game in a recent Music Workshop. The children really enjoyed the game and had great fun playing it. However, I would prefer the note names not to be written underneath each note so that I could ask pupils to call out the note names as they matched the pairs of cards to develop their note-naming skills.
      Anónimo - (Woking, United Kingdom)
      Very good quality cards, lovely bright design to appeal to children. It is a shame that the note names are printed on the cards as this does make it much easier.
      Anónimo - (Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom)
      I bought these to help a 6 year old beginner piano student learn her note names....I find it bizarre that treble clef notes start at bottom line E and go to 4th line D, while bass clef notes start on bottom line G and go to 4th line F. This misses out the most crucial notes for beginners (at least from a piano point of view) - those around middle C. I had assumed that these cards would include at least an octave in either clef, and had I known the notes were random I would not have purchased this product. The idea is good, as is the quality but unfortunately it is let down by the content. I would not recommend this product for those looking for a teaching aid, but if your students already know their notes this would be a fun game to play at the end of a lesson.
      Anónimo - (Cheshire, United Kingdom)
      These proved to be a great resource for paired learning and an enjoyable game for my theory club at school
      Anónimo - (Lydiate, United Kingdom)
      We bought this game as an extra present for the kids at Christmas. We found this one quite hard because you have to not only remember the location of the note card you want, but which clef it is in too! It challenges the brain! However, we enjoy the game, it does help with recognising notes on sight and gies us some quality family fun too.
      Anónimo - (Penrith, United Kingdom)
      Beautiful well made cards Easy, fun and educational game for young children
      Anónimo - (Solihull)

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