Flea: Adventures In Spontaneous Jamming And Techniques DVD

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Este paquete de DVDs es una interpretación en directo improvisada e introspectiva de Flea, el bajista de Red Hot Chili Peppers y el batería Chad Smith. Flea se refiere a su bajo como único vehículo de comunicación, y habla de las teorías, filosofías, estilos, sonidos y técnicas que emplea cuando interpreta de esa manera tan particular.
ISBN: 073999203394
Publicado el: 28 noviembre 2002
Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: Hal Leonard

          Valoraciones de Musicroom

          Adventures in Spontaneous Jamming and Techniques is less of a tutor DVD and more of a close-up and compelling expose of one of the best bass players from the least 20 years. Co-presenter River Phoenix and jam partner Chad Smith really bring the best out of Flea, his frenetic bass playing and banter providing stimulating lessons for the open minded. Even though any tangible lessons are kept to a minimum, with a look at his gear, his style and his influences, Flea’s energy and enthusiasm make this an inspirational and entertaining package.
          Anónimo - ()
          DvD en parfait etat du plus grand bassiste de notre temp en ce qui me concerne. Très satisfait de ma commande.
          Anónimo - (St medard en jalles, France)
          Love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Play bass guitar? Wanna be blown away? Then this is the DVD for you! It's great to watch just to admire the talent of the worlds best bass guitarist, but if you wanna learn to play well, it'll help you. The DVD cuts from interviews to jammin' sessions and keeps you smiling all the way through! A must see for any bass guitarist!
          Dave Leighton - (Stockport)

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