R. Spofforth: Hail Smiling Morn (SATB)

Libro | SATB, Acompañamiento de Piano

Compositor: Reginald Spofforth
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

Hail! Smiling Morn (Roud Index No 1346) was written by Reginald Spofforth in 1810. It has been described as the “most popular glee in the entire repertoire”, and remains a much loved concert item among amateur choral groups all over the English-speaking world. It is presented here for SATB choir, with a Piano reduction for accompaniment purposes.

Reginald Spofforth (1769-1827) was a British composer, organist and teacher. He wrote several dozen songs, glees and hymns, but no instrumental music. His music was performed at Covent Garden and successfully published during his lifetime, but most of it has now been lost. Hail! Smiling Morn is undoubtedly his best known work.

Publicado el: 09 marzo 2001
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