Seiber, M The Handsome Butcher Unison

Libro | Voz al Unísono, Piano

Formato: Partituras | Trabajo Vocal
Seiber arranged The Handsome Butcher from a folksong that was collected by Bartok. The body of the song concerns the striking attributes of the butcher in fanfare-like tonic-dominant structures, but there is a staccato presto sting the tail.The Hungarian composer and teacher Matyas Seiber, who spent most of his life in Britain, had a remarkably broad musical understanding. In his oeuvre can be discerned influences of Schoenberg, Bartok, jazz and, clearly in The Handsome Butcher, folksong both British and Continental.
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Idioma: Inglés
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        Seiber, M The Handsome Butcher Unison
        Voz al Unísono, Piano
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