Franz Liszt: Liebestraume No.3 (Violin/Piano)

Libro | Violín, Acompañamiento de Piano

Editorial: Bosworth
Artista: Franz Liszt
Formato: Partituras | Álbum Instrumental

Liebesträume (German for ‘Dreams of Love’) is a set of three solo Piano works by Franz Liszt, published in 1850. Two versions appeared simultaneously: for high Voice and Piano, as well as as transcriptions for Piano two-hands.

The three poems depict three different forms of love. Uhland's ‘Hohe Liebe’ is saintly or religious love: the "martyr" renounces worldly love and"heaven has opened its gates". The second song ‘Seliger Tod’ is often known by its first line, and evokes erotic love. Freiligrath's poem for the famous third notturno is about unconditional mature love ("Love as long as you can!", "O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst").

This edition of the latter, Liebestraume No. 3, is transcribed for Violin and Piano. The same melody is used throughout the entire popular piece, each time varied, especially near the middle of the work, where the climax is reached.

This favourite Piano classic should be a staple in any pianists repertoire, and is a great new addition to the Violin programme as well!

ISBN: 9790201615530
Publicado el: 05 marzo 1998
Nº de páginas: 12
Nº de catálogo: BOE004636

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        Franz Liszt: Liebestraume No.3 (Violin/Piano)
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