Jörgen Jersild: 30 Polyrhythmic Etudes

Libro | Piano, Conjunto de Escuela

Artista: Jorgen Jersild
Formato: Libros | Teoría
A superb collection of thirty exercise and studies for both Keyboard Instruments and Ensembles, this book helps develop a practical musician’s skill at confronting music with polyrhythmic structures, for example, a division of 7 against 4. When polyrhythmic structure is perceived and executed, it creates striking effects with nuances and intricacies within the rhythm.
ISBN: 9788759853924
Skill Level: Avanzado Explain this
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Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: WH29294

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        Jörgen Jersild: 30 Polyrhythmic Etudes
        Piano, Conjunto de Escuela
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