Christina Drewing: Die Wahren Deutschen Superstars ...Und Wie Alles Beginnt

CD y Libro

Editorial: Bosworth
Formato: Libros | Referencia
Singer/songwriter/journalist/musician Christina Drewing presents a music reference and a celebration of contemporary German musical superstars in one! Using interviews with music industry moguls, gurus, movers and shakers as well as artists and fans Drewing analyses their appeal, dissects the attributes that created their super star status to provide advice for amateurs, wannabes and talented young musicians. There are also vital contact numbers and adresses, a look at media including telveision and print marketing and artist biographies.

2CDs with audio commentary, music and futher interviews are also included to demonstrate and provide examples.
ISBN: 9783865433015
Publicado el: 21 noviembre 2006
Nº de páginas: 368
Idioma: Alemán
Nº de catálogo: BOE7438