Uffe Markussen: Back To Basics


Editorial: Storyville Records
Artista: Uffe Markussen
Formato: Audio / Video | Ejecución Grabada
This music you’re about to hear brings back a lot of memories, invincible ones: the quintet sound of the Golson/Fuller collaboration, it brings back all the fire and wide orientation of the Jackie McLean/Grachan Moncur Blue Note recordings and the royal ballad playing of Lester Young.

Dexter Gordon, Clifford Jordan And John Coltrane were hovering at that time, so this Uffe Markussen’s Danish story tale unfolds with a deep yearning. A detailed and coherent soundscape of torch-songs, standards, the stark moods from the pen of Monk, Dorham, Dolphy and Markussen himself.
ISBN: 0717101419029
Publicado el: 09 abril 2013
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: STVSTCD4190

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