Jan Lippert Hard Company: Imprints


Editorial: Storyville Records
Formato: Audio / Video | Ejecución Grabada
Jan Lippert Hard Company’s original music is a crossover between Jazz, Rock and classical moods. The Music is among other things inspired by Miles Davis, The Police, Bach and Mahler. However, it is remarkable that through all the stylistic transformations an elegiac unifying identity emerges - as if every single composition was derived from one basic idea!

It is also notable that the music is very visual. It is like a collage - a musical film! It is Jan Lippert Hard Company’s intention to sound European without neglecting the strong American music tradition. The bandleader and virtuoso guitar player Jan Lippert is inspired by versatile and innovative guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino and John McLaughlin
ISBN: 0717101422821
Publicado el: 09 abril 2013
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: STVSTCD4228

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