Progressive Electronic Keyboard Method For Young Beginners: Book 1

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Teach your kids how to play Keyboard with Progressive Electronic Keyboard Method For Young Beginners: Book 1. Covers the important techniques required to learn to play the Keyboard including correct posture, hand position and fingering technique for 5 beginner Keyboard notes, 3 one finger chords and 3 fingered chords.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years and all types of children’s electronic Keyboards including Roland, Casio and Yamaha.

Includes 43 great sounding Keyboard exercises and popular easy Keyboard songs for kids.

Beautifully illustrated in full colour throughout with easy-to-read Keyboard music for kids, Keyboard chords for kids and with lyrics to sing along.

Features access to online Keyboard videos and audio downloads demonstrating all examples. No prior knowledge of how to read music or playing the Keyboard is required to teach your child to learn to play Keyboard from this book.

Includes free Keyboard chord/note poster and free Keyboard note stickers.

ISBN: 9780947183417
Skill Level: Principiante Explain this
Publicado el: 21 febrero 2014
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Idioma: Inglés
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        Valoraciones de Musicroom

        Great book for Keyboard beginners. Colourful and interesting for the young budding musician.
        Anónimo - (Harrow, United Kingdom)
        very clear for young beginners. CD and DVD very useful to pupils and helps parents when they are encouraging their child to practise
        Anónimo - (Harlow, United Kingdom)
        This book is great for getting your child interested. My child is 5 and has really taken to this book, he loves placing the stickers on the keys and the book is very child friendly and easy for him to follow.
        Anónimo - (Bolton, United Kingdom)
        Being non musical myself, I purchased this book on the piano teacher's recommenedation. My 8 year old can use it unsupervised and I found myself learning very easily. Maybe I could learn to play the piano too!!!! We have found it great......makes learning easy and fun
        Anónimo - (S Devon)
        This is an excellent book for young learners. It is very colourful and attracts the younger element to learn from it. With the CD and DVD this is certainly a bonus - who needs a music teacher when you have such excellent tuition as this being available. The price was very good for what you get. I recommend this book to all mothers of younger children. Well done!!! Looking forward to getting the next one!
        Anónimo - (Kinlochleven, United Kingdom)
        it is very good for keyboard begginers,and actracting illastration for kids ,easy for teachers .totally very good for begginners and teachers
        Anónimo - (Hayes, United Kingdom)
        A great book for kids with no experience of music. Very clear layout and a nice steady progression. The student looks forward to progressing through each section.
        Anónimo - (Peterborough, United Kingdom)
        I have found this book to be ideal for young beginners, say ages 6 to 9. It's beautifully presented with colourful pictures and easy text which appeals to them straight away. It covers notes C to G RH and introduces chords both SF and fingered (CGF) and covers all necessary notation, including staccato. There's a CD and DVD included so good price too (keeps parents happy!). Definitely recommend for younger beginners, and I've found they progress pretty quickly through it.
        Anónimo - (Stockport, United Kingdom)
        Great book- so colourful and easy to read for my 8 year old.
        Anónimo - (Basildon, United Kingdom)
        Pro: Great for very young children. Colourful, animated, very basic. Perfect for very young beginners. Con: Can be a bit too animated, lots of pictures of animals etc. Can be distracting.
        Anónimo - (Wembley, United Kingdom)
        The music is easy to follow, especially for younger players. The pictures add an extra fun element to learning.
        Anónimo - (Coventry, United Kingdom)
        A very good comprehensive beginners' book, with excellent supporting DVD and CD - ideal for home practice and reminders in between lessons. Primary-aged pupils value the steady pace and attractice appearance of this publication, and enjoy the range of songs and tunes.
        Anónimo - (Billingshurst, United Kingdom)
        An excellent way to start young people playing keyboard as the tunes are well-known and the steps are easy to follow. Can be used with a wide range of ages too.
        Anónimo - (Dundee, United Kingdom)
        Excellent. My daughter loves it! She was advised to get it by her school, as she has just started lessons - she is in Y4.
        Anónimo - (Manchester, United Kingdom)
        Bought this book for my daughter when she started keyboard lessons. she finds it very easy to follow and the CD helps her practice her pace.
        Anónimo - (Reading, United Kingdom)
        Lovely book. Wonderful for ages 4-6. The CD and DVD are very useful tools to help at home. Would happily recommend.
        Anónimo - (Lowestoft, United Kingdom)
        A lovely start for young beginners. A bright, colourful book with fun pictures. Great with cd & dvd to practice with.
        Anónimo - (Southampton, United Kingdom)
        Very quick to receive this book and very pleased with it. Easy to understand and follow.
        Anónimo - (Ferryhill, United Kingdom)