Ultimate Beginner: Blues Drums Basics - Steps One And Two (Book/CD)

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Editorial: Alfred Publishing
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The first step towards experiencing the fun of playing music. This Book and CD with guide you through everything yo need to know to begin playing blues drums:
  • Practice Tips
  • Note Values
  • Shuffle Patterns
  • Slow Blues Patterns
  • Alternate Cymbal Patterns for a Shuffle
  • Hit-Hat Coordination Exercises
  • Bass Drum Variations
  • Blues Rhumba
  • Open Hit-Hat Sound
  • The 'Steve Gadd Shuffle'
  • New Fill Ideas
  • 4 different Blues Play Alongs
  • CD Included
  • ISBN: 9781576236703
    Skill Level: Principiante Explain this
    Publicado el: 28 febrero 2002
    Nº de páginas: 48
    Idioma: Inglés
    Nº de catálogo: IMP4827A