Alain Weber: 15 Rhythmic And Melodic Studies (Double Bass)

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Editorial: Alphonse Leduc
Compositor: Alain Weber
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

French composer, Alain Weber (b. 1930) writes 15 Rhythmic And Melodic Studies for Double Bass with much experience and expertise in the field of pedagogy.

Following graduation from the Paris Conservatoire, Weber spent time in Italy to develop his own musical style. However, he soon returned to the institution as a professor of theory and counterpoint. 15 Rhythmic And Melodic Studies addresses a range of advanced techniques, including chromaticism, complex rhythms, varying time signatures, articulation, bowings and double stops, amongst other aspects. Weber is a significant contributor to important teaching materials and 15 Rhythmic And Melodic Studies is no exception.

ISBN: 9790046242618
Idioma: Francés
Nº de catálogo: AL24261

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