Stage Session Vol.1 (Book/CD)

CD y Libro | Percusión, Batería

Editorial: Alphonse Leduc
Artista: Lionel Melot
Series: Stage Session
Formato: Libros | Método de Instrucción

Stage Session is a progressive method for Drums written for beginners and upper-beginners. These studies complete the methods and should help young drummers to develop their skills.

Featuring 5 different levels of progression, Stage Session comes with a CD, which will prepare beginners for getting used to complementary sound and music. This should help them to focus and concentrate on their way of playing, while learning and having fun. 

The co-writers, Jacky Bourbasquet, André Ceccarelli, Régis Ceccarelli and Claude Gastaldin are all experimental drummers and/or professors who believe in progressive methods to be able to master the basics.

The music is written by Lionel Melot.
ISBN: 9790046292415
Publicado el: 18 agosto 2016
Idioma: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Español
Nº de catálogo: AL29241

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      Stage Session Vol.1 (Book/CD)
      Percusión, Batería
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