Jules Semler-Collery: Rêverie Et Scherzo (Clarinet/Piano)

Libro | Clarinete, Acompañamiento de Piano

Editorial: Alphonse Leduc
Compositor: Jules Semler-Collery
Formato: Partituras | Álbum Instrumental

French composer, conductor and teacher, Jules Semler-Collery (1902-1988) was born to a musical father. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire where he won many prizes. Semler-Collery's works have been successful, with many of his concertos being included in the Conservatoire's list of compulsory works. Rêverie Et Scherzo for Clarinet and Piano is no exception to the composer's success.

Published in 1950, Semler-Collery's Rêverie is marked Andantino Cantabile and is in 6/8 meter. Both the Clarinet solo line and Piano accompaniment are virtousic, exploiting rhythm, tonality and harmony. A cadenza-like passage is heard towards the end. The Scherzo is marked Molta Leggiero and is staccato in 3/4 meter. Quaver and semiquaver passages are heard with the speed accelerating to a dramatic finale. For all advanced clarinetists, Semler-Collery's Rêverie Et Scherzo provides an exciting performance work for performers and audiences alike.

ISBN: 9790046207891
Idioma: Inglés, Francés
Nº de catálogo: AL20789

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        Jules Semler-Collery: Rêverie Et Scherzo (Clarinet/Piano)
        Clarinete, Acompañamiento de Piano
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