Herbert Howells: Master Tallis's Testament For Organ

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Editorial: Novello
Compositor: Herbert Howells
Formato: Partituras | Álbum Instrumental
Master Tallis's Testament No.3 from Six Pieces for Organ. Composed in 1940, Master Tallis's Testament unfolds Quasi lento, teneramente in a gentle six-eight rhythm and in G minor. It consists of three variants of a theme which falls into three phrases (eight plus six plus four bars). The music rises gradually to a climax at the end of the third variant. A quiet echo of the last two bars supplies a coda and a peaceful ending in the major. The piece is one which its composer regards as most typical and with particular affection. Its title, which pays tribute to a father of English cathedral music, allies it to the twenty-four pieces contained in Howells' two sets of clavichord pieces, the twelve of Lambert's Clavichord (the Lambert not being the composer Constant, but the Bath photographer Herbert who, in the Twenties, published a set of portraits of British composers (including Howells) and the twelve of Howells' Clavichord (1951), the separate titles similarly evoke those of the Elizabethan Virginalists.
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        Valoraciones de Musicroom

        A fine piece of music - slow, minor and contemplative, and ideal as a pre-service voluntary in a resonant church. The debt to Tudor music is clear, but this is quintessential Howells, with plenty of his characteristic poignancy. All three sections have the same melody. The first (for manuals) is easy once rhythms are secure. The second is the most challenging in technique and registration. The third is very full in texture, and a good legato may need to be worked at. The copy, which looks like a high-class photocopy, seems a little expensive.
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