Gordon Crosse: Symphony No.3 'Between Despair and Dawn' (Score)

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Editorial: Cadenza Music
Compositor: Gordon Crosse
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

Gordon Crosse's Symphony No.3 'Between Despair and Dawn' for Orchestra.

Composer's Note: The subtitle comes from a poem “Exequy’” by Peter Porter which memorialises the death of his first wife. The symphony was written in 2010 while my wife Elizabeth was coping with a terminal cancer and I was in very low spirits. However I tried to make the piece rather more positive (a process I continued in my 4th symphony, which is her true memorial). The dedication to Alison Latham is a thank you for her healing friendship at that time.

There is just one movement which is written as a mosaic of fragments rather than a traditional sonata form. Like many other composers of the twentieth century I am fascinated by the “Symphonies of Wind Instruments” by Stravinsky - which in turn was a memorial to Debussy.

The final “Dawn” section features birdsong (of a stylised kind) and inverts the downward inflection of the earlier themes into rising motifs and tonal resolution (into C Major - what else?)

ISBN: 9790570473076
Publicado el: 26 noviembre 2018
Nº de catálogo: CAZGCRSYM301