Philip Cashian: Strix (Study Score)

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Editorial: Cadenza Music
Compositor: Philip Cashian
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

Philip Cashian's Strix for Chamber Orchestra.

In folklore the Strix was considered a bird of ill omen that fed on human flesh andblood. The earliest recorded tale of the Strix is from the lost Ornithologia. Thistells the story of Polyphonte and her two sons Agrios and Oreios who were punished for their cannibalism by being transformed into wild animals. Polyphonte became a strix "that cries by night, without food or drink, with head below and tips of feet above, a harbinger of war and civil strife to men".

Duration: 10 minutes

ISBN: 9790570473014
Publicado el: 23 noviembre 2018
Nº de catálogo: CAZPCSTR01

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      Philip Cashian: Strix (Study Score)
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