Hannah Lash: Subtilior, Lamento

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Compositor: Hannah Lash
Formato: Partituras | Partitura y Partes

Subtilior, Lamento is a piece that draws some inspiration from the music of the so-called ‘Ars Subtilior’ movement of the fourteenth century. This early music features rhythmic complexities, linear ornamentation, and harmonic intricacy. In my piece, I use canon to create textures that are at constant rhythmic unrest. Harmonies arise out of linear lines: lines I constructed to work in defining my harmonic world. The piece’s structural rigor and fluid surface are the two elements I wanted to keep in constant equilibrium - Hannah Lash

Instrumentation: fl.cl-perc(vib, chimes)-pno-vn.vc

ISBN: 9781627212410
Publicado el: 29 agosto 2018
Nº de páginas: 96
Nº de catálogo: ED31205

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      Hannah Lash: Subtilior, Lamento
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