Sebastian Currier: Blake Fragments

Libro | SATB, Coral

Editorial: Boosey & Hawkes
Compositor: Sebastian Currier
Formato: Partituras | Trabajo Vocal
Blake Fragments was written for performance in Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York City and calls for the solo voices to be placed in various positions on the concentric rings that rise up from the central rotunda. In subsequent performances this configuration will generally be impossible, but the soloist arrangement that was used is included should performers like to respond in some fashion to the original arrangement. The piece may be performed with the four soloists singing within the main chorus, though some spacial separation, on a single level, or additionally using a balcony or backstage, might better dupicate the original intentions. To allow for different positions, the four solo parts may be sung by more than four choral members (in the premiere there were two different sopranos covering the soprano part.)
ISBN: 9781540004192
Publicado el: 29 agosto 2018
Nº de páginas: 20
Nº de catálogo: BHI48447

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