Paul Anderson: MOD ART


Editorial: Omnibus Press
Author: Paul Anderson
Formato: Libros | Biografía

MOD ART is the definitive work on everything visual relating to Mod culture, the look that has never gone out of style.

Featuring exclusive interviews with key artists and experts on the cult of Mod, MOD ART examines the art scene surrounding the birth of modernism in the UK in the 1960s and explains how the collision of high art, mass culture and sharp fashion produced a unique visual perspective on the way we dress, what we look at and the way we perceive design.

Beautifully illustrated with a treasure trove of colour photographs of famous, rediscovered and rare images from across the eras, MOD ART explains how this indestructible youth cult continues to exert a defining influence on the world of graphics, painting and design.

ISBN: 9781787601390
Publicado el: 21 febrero 2019
Nº de catálogo: OP57893

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