George Nicholson: Launch (Parts)

Libro | Clarinete Bajo, Cuarteto de Cuerda, Piano

Compositor: George Nicholson
Formato: Partituras | Partitura y Partes

George Nicholson's Launch for Bass Clarinet, String Quartet and Piano. Composed May 2018.

Duration: 1 minute

Premiered 26 April, 2018 by Sarah Watts, Jonathan Ayerst and the Ligeti Quartet.

Programme Note:

This piece was composed to mark the inauguration of the Centre for New Music at Sheffield (CeNMaS). It was one of several 'microcosmic' pieces written by postgraduate students and staff composers of the University of Sheffield for that occasion, to be presented as a continuous sequence of very brief instrumental and electroacoustic works.

The beginning of any new venture implies potential and possibility; borne of optimism it invokes hope for the future. It was with these thoughts in mind that I set out in Launch to fill a minute of playing time with as much activity as possible.

ISBN: 9790570368327
Publicado el: 17 mayo 2018
Longitud: 1
Nº de catálogo: M570368327

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      George Nicholson: Launch (Parts)
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