GPO: PR100/200 Bundle Record Player And Speaker System

Editorial: GPO

We can build the perfect deck. Pair the PR100 turntable with the PR200 CD/Amplifier to make the most out of your sound. The PR100 is our most precise turntable yet, with an Audio Technica Cartridge, Pitch Control, Counterweight and Anti-Skating Control. It's also a Bluetooth transmitter. The PR200 combines a CD player with DAB, MP3 and USB encoding. Connect the whole of your music collection with its Bluetooth receiver and use the built in amplifier to have a clean, crisp sound.

  • Available with an Audio Technica Cartridge and Pitch Control
  • Available with an Counterweight and Anti-Skating Control
  • PR200 Can Combine with CD player with DAB, MP3 and USB encoding.
  • PR100 is also Bluetooth Transmitter
Publicado el: 28 febrero 2018
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