Andy Bailey: First Drum Grooves - Beginner Level (Book/CD)

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Author: Andy Bailey
Series: Play Music
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If you're just starting to play Drums, this method is absolutely made for you. <strong>First Drum Grooves</strong> will help you to play your first Drum beats and fills without delay and feel the immediate enjoyment of playing music!

When playing those first beats, the idea is not to blow people away but rather to play simple and rhythmically accurate things. In short, to be a real musician... even if you are a beginner drummer for now. 

As you progress through this book, the featured beats and fills will become richer and more advanced page after page, going from quarter notes to eighth notes, triplets and sixteenth notes. By following the logical progression of this method, you will be able to learn and make progress while actually playing.

Each of the featured 40 tunes comes in 5 different tracks on the accompanying MP3 CD, organised as follows: Drums only, at normal and slow tempo, then the same Drum beat played with its accompanying track, and finally the play-along track only, also at normal and slow tempo... so that you can learn and play at your own pace, according to your level and your skills. This book includes more than 6 hours of music in total!

Skill Level: Principiante Explain this
Publicado el: 14 diciembre 2016
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: ME0326

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