Piano Safari: Repertoire Book 1 (Second Edition)

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Editorial: Alfred Publishing
Series: Piano Safari
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We are excited to release the 2nd Editions of Repertoire Book 1, Repertoire Book 2, and Technique Book 2! One important things to note is that the Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards and Theory Books remain unchanged.

ISBN: 9781470613174
Publicado el: 15 marzo 2018
Idioma: Inglés, Español
Nº de catálogo: 1470613174

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      Chippenham GB piano teacher
      Worth looking at as a bang up-to-date young beginner's tutor. A number of engaging pieces to be learnt by rote on black keys. The rhythm cards look very useful and I have just started using them with pupils. The early sight-reading (on the rhythm cards) with just finger numbers and notes to be played initially on black keys as a foundation to reading from the stave is a fantastic pedagogical approach.
      It's NOT playing from the stave with thumbs on middle C!
      The rhythm cards and some pieces introduce quavers right from the beginning which I think is rather too much for a young piano student - on top of learning crotchets, minims, and semibreves.
      You have to be good at teaching piano with a holistic music-teaching outlook to make the most of these materials. It's NOT playing from the stave with thumbs on middle C!
      The materials are rather pricey.
      I think the braced finger 3 start in Piano Adventures is better (as a foundation for god technique) that just using the index finger for the very first pieces in these books.
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      Newbury GB Music for Fun! Teacher,
      The mix of rote - and it's fun! Very good to have access to videos and teaching resources
      Still quite pricey and a CD format would be usefuk
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