Groove Tubes: GT6L6CHP Medium Duet PowerTube

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6L6 tubes are medium-output power tubes often used in Fender® professional amplifiers including the Bassman®, Bandmaster®, Concert, Dual Showman®, Hot Rod™ Series, Pro Series, Super Reverb®, Tremolux™, Twin, Vibrolux®, Super-Sonic™, Blues Deluxe™, Blues DeVille™ and others. Their response is round, with a pronounced midrange character; strident and chesty with a super-bright and clean, powerful punch. Perhaps the most recognized signature tone for U.S. guitar music of all styles from the '60s onward.

This Groove Tubes exclusive black-plate (carbonized nickel) design features extended heatsink wings. High-performance design delivers 30 watts (standard 6L6 tubes range from 20-25 watts). It has strong and focused output, and is highly recommended for enlivening any stock amplifier that uses a standard 6L6.

  • Duet of 6L6-CHP tubes rated from power range 1-10
  • Groove Tubes exclusive black-plate design with extended heatsink wings
  • Each duet is matched and biased to a specific output level (R2, R7, etc.)
  • R1-R3 = Low: Early distortion, wide range, softer attack good for Rock and Blues solos.
  • R4-R7 = Medium: Normal performance, great dynamic range/attack and best all around rating type for all styles of playing
  • R8-R10 = High: Most dynamic range, most clean power/less break-up for power players, Jazz and bass amps.
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        Groove Tubes: GT6L6CHP Medium Duet PowerTube
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