Carsten Dahl Experience: The Ultimate Experience


Editorial: Storyville Records
Artista: Carsten Dahl
Formato: Audio / Video | Ejecución Grabada

The unique quartet Carsten Dahl Experience was formed back in 2008 at a concert in Copenhagen Jazzhouse with high ambitions of musical interaction. As Dahl states, "My intentions were an orchestra, where it was possible to fly. We should be able to play both abstract and compositionally close and to move within all spaces at once. "All the Carsten Dahl Experience releases are now put together in this extraordinary box-set.

This live release is also part of a box set released by Storyville, containg all five albums by Carsten Dahl Experience. Look forward to fly off with four highly intuitive musicians who communicate with great intensity and telepathic nerve.

Publicado el: 11 octubre 2017
Nº de catálogo: STV1088622