Flexipop! - The Book


Editorial: Cadiz Music
Formato: Partituras | Álbum Instrumental
Remember those fearsome shadows of the adolescence that haunted your dreams and made the darkness darker? Some of us lost them in sunshine but those that couldn't lost them in music , diving into a light were shadows couldn't follow. There was a whole lot of music going on in 1980 when sunshine wasn't enough. The world was dour and miserable (heaven knows) and needed a fierce injection of joy that only music could provide. It was all we had. It was all we ever had. Punk had paved the way for a parade of music styles that flourished in the first few years of the 1980's, The charts teemed with unprecedented diversity. It was the last truly classic era of pop that meant something, that still had principles, that shone bright and true. The FELXIPOP! came along and the fearsome shadows returned. It was the least we could do. FELXIPOP! was the most bizarre pop magazine that ever made its way onto a newsagent's shelves. Eventually we got found out and it was banned. But from three years from 1980-83 we had fun, fun, fun 'til our daddy too the T-Bird away. So open up this time capsule of love with it's flexible vinyl and check out those shadows again. It's the least you can do...
ISBN: 9780957171756
Publicado el: 22 junio 2017
Nº de catálogo: 9780957171756

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