Easy Concert Pieces For Piano

Libro | Piano

Editorial: Schott Music
Formato: Partituras | Songbook Variado

The Easy Concert Pieces series presents easy piano pieces for beginners in progressive order. Two volumes have already been published, with a third volume being in preparation. These pieces are intended to complement a piano tutorial method and are particularly suitable for performance at auditions, concerts, competitions and examinations. They offer varied repertoire in a broad selection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.

Volume 1 (ED 22547) is meant for beginners. The pieces span a single octave and stay within five-finger positions. Other criteria for the selection of the pieces are simple rhythms and very easy chord playing. Crossing the thumb under, polyphony and pedal are not required yet.

Volume 2 (ED 22548) extends the range to two octaves. Hand turns (crossing the thumb under), pedal, simple polyphony and three- or four-part chords all feature in Volume 2, as do simple ornaments, playing cantabile and differentiating between melody and accompaniment.

ISBN: 9783795710125
Publicado el: 23 marzo 2017
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: ED22548

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