John Luther Adams: Canticles Of The Sky (Player Score)

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Editorial: Taiga Press
Compositor: John Luther Adams
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

John Luther Adams' Canticles Of The Sky. Version for String Quartet - player score.

'In the Arctic sky, the low angle of the sun and heavy ice crystals in the air often produce vivid halos, arcs and sundogs (parhelia). Sometimes these phenomena create the illusion of multiple suns. "Sky With Four Suns" is a musical evocation of such an apparition, from sunrise to sunset.

Similar visions also occur at night, which is the image behind "Sky With Four Moons."

"Sky With Nameless Colors" and "Sky With Endless Stars" evoke the extraordinary depth and clarity of Sonoran Desert skies.

This music is drawn from Canticles of the Holy Wind - a concert-length work for four choirs and vocal soloists. In this version, sixteen separate choral parts have been condensed into the String Quartet.

String designations should be carefully observed. Frequent string crossings are employed to create as lush and continuous textures as possible.

All sounds should be legato. Bowing is free and full throughout.' - John Luther Adams

Publicado el: 11 enero 2017
Nº de páginas: 16
Longitud: 18 minutes
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: CH85888

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