Joel Rothman: Coordination Patterns With A Dotted 1/8 Note Cymbal Beat

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Author: Joel Rothman
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This is the seventh in a series of books that aims to present the most thorough and extensive study in independence between the Cymbal, Snare and Bass ever written.

The other books in the series have presented coordinated Snare-Bass patterns in relation to an eighth-note Cymbal rhythm (for rock drumming), or in relation to an eighth-note triplet Cymbal rhythm (for jazz drumming). Coordination Patterns With A Dotted 1/8 Note Cymbal Beat presents coordinated Snare-Bass patterns against a dotted eighth-note Cymbal rhythm, and its usefulness relates specifically to jazz drumming at relatively slow or slow-to-medium tempos. 

This book provides an in-depth study, presenting virtually every possible rhythmic pattern between the Snare and Bass that might have practical application for the particular time feel created by the dotted eighth-note Cymbal beat.

Publicado el: 14 noviembre 2016
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: JRP330