Tom Hapke/Torsten Kühn: Das Projektstudio


Editorial: Bosworth
Formato: Libros | Tecnología Musical
Inside Das Projektstudio, young and experienced musicians alike will find invaluable tips and tricks for successfully producing music for every need and budget. In four chapters, expert composers, musicians and producers give their advice on various studio concepts, often following the adage that less is more.

Tom Hapke is a full time songwriter and producer, while Torsten Kühn is a studio designer and lecturer in Audiovisual Media at various universities. The authors take the reader on a journey from the ground up into the central technical concepts behind music production, while keeping in mind the quality of sound, the individual ideas of music as well as the character of the song. 

This book is essential reading for all aspiring music producers and composers looking to evolve their skills.
ISBN: 9783865438843
Publicado el: 01 noviembre 2015
Nº de páginas: 144
Idioma: Alemán
Nº de catálogo: BOE7781

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