Los Hermanos Ábalos/Virtú Maragno: Carnavalito Quebradeño

Libro | SATB

Editorial: Heugel
Series: Plein Jeu
Formato: Partituras | Trabajo Vocal

Argentinian folk music composers Los Hermanos Abal are best known for founding a folk group in 1939. Their career high point came in 1942 when their song, Carnavalito Quebradeño was used in the film, La Guerra Gaucha. Virtu Maragno (1828-2004) sublimely harmonises the song for SATB choir.

Argentinian born Maragno was a composer of classical, opera and film music, as well as a teaching and national academic. His harmonisation of Carnavalito Quebradeño displays elements of South American folk music. For aspiring four-part choirs, Maragno's harmonisation of Los Hermanos Abal's Carnavalito Quebradeño makes for an exciting, alternative performance work.

ISBN: 9790047321558
Idioma: Francés, Español
Nº de catálogo: HE32155