J. Chailley/H. Challan: Théory Complète De La Musique - Vol. 1

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Théory Complète De La Musique by Jacques Chailley and Henri Challan is a really complete method for beginning musicians. This first volume of a series of two covers the nine first chapters of the method.

It features:

I. Different elements of music

II. Music writing and symbols

III. Rhythms

IV. Intervals elements

V. Intervals

VI. Theory of Tonality [1/2]

VII. Theory of Tonality [2/2]

VIII. Tonality application

IX. Additional music symbols

Really focused on theory and including some exercises, this book will be a better fit for mature music beginners.

Henri Challan was a French composer and professor at the Paris Conservatoire who won the Grand Prix de Rome and who has wrote many music analysis.

Jacques Chailley was a musician and Deputy Director of the Paris Conservatoire.

ISBN: 9790046204449
Idioma: Francés
Nº de catálogo: AL20444

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