J. Chailley/H. Challan: Théory Complète De La Musique - Vol. 2

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Théory Complète De La Musique by Jacques Chailley and Henri Challan is a really complete method for musician beginners. This second and final volume is following the first one and covers the eleven last chapters of the method.

It features:

I. Principle of chords: Consonant and Dissonant

II. Natural consonant chords

III. Artifical consonant chords

IV. Cadenza

V. Modes

VI. Rhythm

VII. Ornaments

VIII. Rigorous intonation

IX. Transcribing

X. Transcribing Instruments

XI. Gregorian Songs


Really focused on theory and including some exercises, this book will be a better fit for mature music beginners.

Henri Challan was a French composer and professor at the Paris Conservatoire who won the Grand Prix de Rome and who has wrote many music analysis.

Jacques Chailley was a musician and Deputy Director of the Paris Conservatoire.

ISBN: 9790046206313
Idioma: Francés
Nº de catálogo: AL20631

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