Jeanine Rueff: Études D'Intervalles - Dix-Huit Leçons De Solfège

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Editorial: Alphonse Leduc
Compositor: Jeanine Rueff
Formato: Libros | Teoría

Études D'Intervalles - Dix-Huit Leçons De Solfège by Jeanine Rueff is a set of eighteen studies of intervals with Piano accompaniment. This theory book is written in G and F key.

From seconds, thirds, to diminished sixths, sevenths and to octavias, these eighteen studies cover a wide range of intervals. It is a great book for musicians who wish to learn the necessary basics on the subject.

Jeanine Rueff composed numerous pieces for Saxophones often used in contests, as well as many pieces for Saxhorn, Clarinet, Horn and Cornet.

ISBN: 9790046234903
Idioma: Francés
Nº de catálogo: AL23490

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