François Rabbath: Nouvelle Technique De La Contrebasse Vol.5

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Editorial: Alphonse Leduc
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Bass player François Rabbath, born in 1931 in Aleppo, is a real character in the world of music. He settled in Paris in 1955, where he played with the stars (Barbara, Aznavour…) while continuing as a classical instrumentalist. Throughout the four preceding volumes, Rabbath’s Nouvelle technique de la contrebasse, presented in a four-language version (French,English, German and Spanish), endeavours to free the pupil from the shackles of traditional teaching.

Always guided by the same conviction - that there is no need to torture one’s body to become an instrumentalist - Rabbath rounds off his educational epic with this fifth book,which will offer great musical pleasure to the trainee bass player, who can take pride in having overcome the technical difficulties covered in the first four books. This collection includes real concert pieces - works of great charm, such as the nostalgic Cri de Venise for double bass and piano and the Troisième Concerto with its enveloping lyricism, as well as short pieces such as Souviens-tu des douze peupliers and the irresistible Mama Bahija for bass, drum and organ.

ISBN: 9790046306235
Publicado el: 12 marzo 2015
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Idioma: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Español
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        Franois Rabbath: Nouvelle Technique De La Contrebasse - Volume. 5 opiniones recogidas por reevooReevoo

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        GB Bass professor in US
        Not about technique as his previous 4 books. This is more solo repertoire with piano accompaniment. Very valuable glimpse into the style of Rabbath.
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        The Netherlands GB amateur bass player
        A fine collection of pieces by Rabbath, full of melody and rhythm, each having challenges of their own.
        As usual for the Rabbath method, the price is rather high.
        It would have been nice if a discography had been geen. Many of the pieces have recordings (mostly by Rabbath himself), while this is only mentioned in a few places.
        Moreover, I would have liked some background on the numbers (e.g. an explanation of some titles, the year of composition, etc.)
        The cover text should place the volume in the range of the entire series: vol. !-III provide the basics of Rabbath´s method, with vol. III as the basic handbook for the experienced player, full of scales and extra techniques. Vol. IV and V provide extra materials and some nice performance pieces, but are not essential for the player who wants to have an overview of Rabbath´s approach.
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        Tampa GB Professional Double Bassist
        Rabbath is the most progressive and innovative bassist of the last generation. This collection of etudes and pieces is a treasure.
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