Fred Stinson: Comment Jouer - Grooves Et Breaks Blues & Shuffle A La Batterie (Book/CD)

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Editorial: Carisch
Author: Fred Stinson
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Want to learn how to play rhythms, grooves, breaks and battery in the blues and shuffle styles? Comment Jouer - Grooves Et Breaks Blues & Shuffle A La Batterie will show you how.

The first part of the method focuses on blues in 4/4, medium or fast tempo, from rhythm 'n' blues shuffle, via traditional blues or blues-rock. The second part examines slow blues in 12/8, which requires both concentration and excellent technical skills.

In short, this book contains a wide range of grooves in the styles of some of the greatest artists in the genre - Buddy Guy, BB King, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and Magic Sam.

Each piece is accompanied by five different MP3 recordings on the CD. These include a single battery at normal tempo, then slowed down, the same battery part played this time on playback, and finally only playback, at the normal tempo and then slowed down ... to enable students to learn and play according to their level and capabilities. Nearly four hours of music in total is included.

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