Leif Juul Jørgensen: The Danish Jazz Quartet - Just Jazz


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Leif Juul Jørgensen is back on the jazz scene. From time to time he's been less active, but through his musical career he has been a member as a Clarinet player of Arnvid Meyers Orchestra and more lately Theis/Nyegaard Jazz Band. Furthermore he has performed with Bud Freeman, Vic Dickenson and Edmond Hall. He has now formed a new quartet, The Danish Jazz Quartet, featuring legends from the Danish jazz scene: Søren Kristiansen (piano), Jesper Lundgaard (double bass) and Alex Riel (Drums).

Just Jazz, which is the quartet's first, delivers sparkly renditions of standards. The quartet plays with a surplus of elegance, enthusiasm and experience that comes from a full life in the service of jazz. There is room for the personalities of the musicians to shine forth in a lively and mature interplay. The music was performed live in Silkeborg, Denmark in April 2014 and is engineered and produced by Jesper Lundgaard.

Publicado el: 11 junio 2014
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