Improvising the Jazz

CD | Guitarra

Editorial: Carisch
Author: Valerio Morelli
Formato: Audio / Video | Pistas de Acompañamiento

15 High Quality jazz style backing tracks! For all instruments.Creative Backing Tracks series provide high quality recordings together with chord progressions and tips allowing you to enjoy improvising and soloing with your own instruments.Edited by Valerio Morelli. A project by Giovanni Unterberger. In collaboration with Stefano Onorati, Milko Ambrogini, Filippo Pedol, Walter Paoli, Stefano Rapicavoli.

ISBN: 9788850708581
Publicado el: 26 julio 2005
Nº de páginas: 20
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de catálogo: ML2552

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      Improvising the Jazz
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