Dorothy Donegan: Strength-Energy-Imagination


Editorial: Storyville Records
Artista: Dorothy Donegan
Formato: Audio / Video | Ejecución Grabada

Dorothy Donegan was an acclaimed pianist working in nightclubs and cocktail lounges in Chicago. She also appeared in the film “Sensations of 1945” where she played a duet with pianist Gene Rodgers, with assistance from Cab Calloway and his orchestra. She was known as a virtuosic pianist fluent in several jazz styles.

Art Tatum (who along with Earl Hines was the biggest influence on Donegan’s style) heard about her and had her play for him. They become a good friends and Tatum even taught her some ideas.

On this 2 CD set there are recordings from London House in Chicago 1961, Antibes, France in 1975 and Jazzhouse Slukefter in Copenhagen 1980.

Publicado el: 01 mayo 2014
Nº de catálogo: STV1038437

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