Benet Casablancas: Darkness Visible (Orchestra)

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Compositor: Benet Casablancas
Formato: Partituras | Partitura

Benet Casablancas was inspired by a passage of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and its further interpretation by the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa in order to name one of his key works Darkness Visible.

The versatile use of the Orchestra, as well as the great timbral and textural differentiation, may prevail as structure to this work. Moreover, the way Benet Casablancas formulates the harmonic thought and its involvement in the development of his discourse seem to be a more crucial characteristic of Darkness Visible.

This work deepens into the exploration of the unfathomable mystery of the night. It is conceived as a nocturne of big proportions that goes near quiet and rarefied atmospheres, but is punctually disturbed by more agitated passages, suddenly illuminated by gleams of light.

ISBN: 9781780387284
Publicado el: 05 marzo 2014
Nº de catálogo: UME28314

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