Jakob Thorkild Overgaard: Improvised Music - Essays And Interviews (Book)


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Improvised Music - Essays And Interviews by Jakob Thorkild Overgaard.

From the preface:

This book is the child of my extensive personal experience
as performer of musical improvisation. I have
a large number of concerts, recordings and bands in
my baggage, and throughout my career as performer
I have reflected much on the music as such, its origins,
and its effects on performer and listener alike.
In addition to this, my M.A. in Music from Copenhagen
University provided me with a theoretical foundation
which has sharpened my reflections on music
and fostered an interest in the spoken word.
As its point of departure, this book will attempt a discussion
of improvised music after 1968, as a concept
and as an actual performing art. I shall use the terms
‘free improvisation’ or ’ freely improvised music’ – as I
think that they are the best, although I am of course
fully aware that there may be several other adequate
terms for this music...

...There are sections solely based on my views and analyses as well as sections taking their starting point in the views of other writers and artists.


Besides, the book contains interviews and communications with prominent performers of improvised music and theorists such as, inter alia, Danish Peter Ole Jørgensen, Swedish Raymond Strid, Danish Vagn E. Olsson and Torben Sangild, Postdoc at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University.

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Publicado el: 25 julio 2011
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