The Withe Book - The Beatles and the Guitar (English)

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Editorial: Carisch
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With contributions by: Rod Davis, Dennis Conroy, Marco Bonfiglio, Fabio Maccheroni e Giuseppe Cesaro. What you have in your hands is a project that was born on the web, we wanted to play with two of our greatest passions, the Beatles and the guitar. The project has been published in twelve episodes under the title “One year with the Beatles” on the website www.fingerpick­, the benchmark of acoustic guitarists, not just Italians. For this reason, starting from October 5th, 2010, the work of the four of Liver­pool has been divided into twelve episodes dedicated to them, to their music, andto the fact that this was mostly played with our beloved instrument, the guitar. People tend to forget that the ‘beetles’ have been the first pop-rock band whose sound was entirely based on guitars: except for some John’s organ laying, the band’s live sound, especially in the first years, was given by the six strings.
ISBN: 9788850724338
Publicado el: 03 noviembre 2011
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