Simon Wells: Butterfly On A Wheel - The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust


Editorial: Omnibus Press
Author: Simon Wells
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The Great Drugs Bust has everything; sex, drugs, rock and roll and a huge slice of British social history. At its core are four pep pills, a Sunday tabloid, two celebrated rock stars and a court case that changed popular culture forever.

Taking its cue from the genesis of the Rolling Stones, the story winds itself through a labyrinth of drugs, fame and controversy that ultimately ended up on a doorstep of a West Sussex country mansion one Sunday night in February 1967.

It chronicles a major turning point in British society; a watershed where attitudes to drugs prompted a seismic change in popular opinion.


Simon Wells has written about film and music for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian and The Times. The author of The Beatles: 365 Days and Your Face Here, he lives in Sussex, England.
ISBN: 9781849389952
Publicado el: 05 septiembre 2011
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    I read some great reviews of this book in the music press and it didn't disappoint. Recommended read
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